E-mail Signature Standards

E-mail Signature Standards


A standard, consistent, and clean e-mail signature will present a more professional appearance for you and LDCC. Your email signature is a chance to market the College to existing audiences and to people you may have never met. When your email gets forwarded or sent along as a copy to someone else, that is an entirely new audience that sees your company information. Following set email signature standards will add professionalism to your correspondence, as well as marketing potential. E-mail signatures should reflect a professional and consistent appearance for conducting College business through e-mail.

The following are recommended guidelines for e-mail signatures for faculty and staff for @ladelta.edu e-mail accounts.

Less is more: E-mail signatures should not be longer than 10 lines. Go wider rather than longer.

Images and logos: Do not use images or logos within the e-mail signature. Images can come across as attachments and can also increase the size of e-mail in-boxes exponentially. For those with in-box size limits, this can be problematic.

Quotes: Refraining from the use of quotes or epigraphs is best practice for professional communications. It is important to avoid the potential confusion of external audiences assuming a particular statement represents the College's official tagline, ideology, or brand promise.

Fonts: Use a simple black 12-point Calibri font. Non-standard typefaces and HTML may not translate well across e-mail clients.

vCards: While vCards can be a convenient way to share contact information for some (using a .VCF compatible e-mail client), they add bytes and appear as attachments. It might be valuable to use a vCard for an initial correspondence, but sending it every time is redundant.


Sample E-mail Signature:

Jane Doe

Director of Everything

Department of Nothing


Louisiana Delta Community College

7500 Millhaven Road

Monroe, LA 71203

318-000-0000 (O)

318-001-0001 (F)

318-002-0002 (C)


Variances in phone numbers listed will occur. It may not be appropriate for some to share cell phone numbers. Some people may not have a need for fax numbers to be listed. The order of information presented and the size and color of the font should be consistent across the college. There is no need to include your email in your signature because you’re sending an email to the recipient and that information would be redundant.

Your name signature size will vary based on the font used. It should appear slightly larger than your contact information. If the size of the font has to be extremely enlarged to be legible, another font should be chosen.

Acceptable signature fonts include:

Edwardian Script: John Doe     Monotype Corsiva: John Doe    Bradley Hand ITC: John Doe    Freestyle Script: John Doe    Lucida Handwriting: John Doe

Font color for your name can be either black or burgundy. For burgundy color, select font color in tool bar, select more colors & then custom colors. Select “RGB” and type in 192 (R), 0 (G), 0 (B) and then click “ok.”

To create your signature, go to your outlook email, select "file" at the top left, then choose “options”. Select “mail” from left menu and then “signatures” from the middle panel.