General Information

Program Policies

Contained in the LDCC and Associate of Science in Nursing Program Student Handbooks, respectively, are descriptions of committees that drive the development of policies that impact all matters related to student success in the nursing program. Students volunteer to serve on each committee. Below is a summary of nursing program committees and select policies.

Program Committees

The Program Director, as Chair of the Nursing Faculty Association, appoints membership to the following committees:

  • Curriculum & Bylaws. The purpose of the C&B Committee is to plan, implement and evaluate the curriculum in an organized manner to preserve the integrity of the curriculum and bylaws with input from faculty, staff, administration, and students.
  • Faculty and Student Affairs. The purpose of the FS&A Committee is to establish, evaluate, and revise sound admission requirements, nursing faculty policy and procedure, nursing student policy and procedure, student nurse organization policy and procedure, and pinning ceremony policy and procedure.
  • Library and Resources. The purpose of the L&R Committee is to assess and coordinate learning resources in order to accomplish program outcomes with emphasis on accessible, outcome-appropriate, and student-friendly resources.
  • Program Standards and Evaluation. The purpose of the PS&E Committee is to monitor and report evaluation activities of the program.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of community partners and friends who serve as liaisons between the nursing program and the business, social, and private interests within our community. Members assist the nursing program in identifying how we might best use our resources to serve the community.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Louisiana Delta Community College Associate of Science in Nursing program’s Advisory Committee please contact the Office of the Associate of Science in Nursing Program Director at (318) 345-9174.

Core Performance Standards


To establish the essential components, technical standards and examples of necessary activities for students to be admitted to and participate in the educational program of the Associate of Science in Nursing Program of the School of Health Sciences at Louisiana Delta Community College.

Policy Statement

Individuals must demonstrate safely the essential components of the nursing program as evidenced by, but not limited to, the technical (core performance) standards identified, with reasonable accommodation for students who require them.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to inform the Director of Student Counseling and Disability Services, as well as the Program Director, of disabilities or conditions which may warrant accommodation. This notification must be submitted in writing during the first week of scheduled class for any existing condition or within one week of a newly-developed condition. Professional evaluation and documentation of the student’s condition must occur and attempts to make necessary accommodations will be made as requested by the Director of Student Counseling and Disability Services.

Performance Standards

Core performance standards demonstrate all nonacademic criteria that is essential to participate in the program in question (Terminology as defined under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the ADA). In all cases, the performance of lab and clinical skills must conform to “real-time” standards of nursing practice.

Summary of Standards

A summary of the Core Performance Standards is presented below:

Physical and emotional attributes:

  1. Use of the English language to communicate with skill both orally and in writing.
  2. Converse with a patient about his/her condition and relay information about the patient to others.
  3. Hear with auditory aids and understand normal speaking voice without viewing the speaker’s face (to ensure the ability to attend to a patient’s call for help either softly or as a cry) and to hear high and low pitched sounds with a stethoscope.
  4. See with corrective lenses and identify visual changes in a patient’s condition or to see small numbers on medical supplies.
  5. Have the strength and psychomotor coordination necessary to perform technical nursing procedures and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (at floor or bed level).

Problem solving ability to:

  1. Collect, read and interpret data.
  2. Use the data to plan and implement in a course of action, and
  3. Evaluate the action taken.
  4. Have the ability to adapt to situation necessary to fulfill program requirements.
  5. Maintain stamina to fulfill the requirements of the program and the customary requirements of the profession.

Background Checks

To maintain compliance with clinical agencies, the nursing program requires a background check that includes:

  1. Social security number verification
  2. Employment verification to include reason for separation and eligibility for reemployment for each employer
  3. Violent sexual offender and predator registry search
  4. Health and Human Services/Office of Inspector General (HHS/OIG) list of excluded individuals or entities
  5. General Services Administration (GSA) list of parties excluded from federal programs
  6. U.S. Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), list of Specialty Designated Nations (SDN)

This background check is paid for by the student and is in addition to that required by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. For more information about the Louisiana State Board of Nursing and Rule 3331, please click the following link:

Routine and Reasonable Suspicion Testing

All students enrolled in the nursing program are subject to alcohol and drug testing on the basis of reasonable suspicion, while on property owned or controlled by LDCC, at LDCC sponsored events, or on property owned or controlled by an affiliated clinical site, or at affiliated clinical sites sponsored events. All current and prospective students must adhere to the testing policy.

If a student receives notice of a confirmed positive result, the student will be dismissed and reported to the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. The student with a positive test may apply to re-enter at the beginning of the program only after receiving approval from the Louisiana State Board of Nursing.