LPN-RN Transition


Graduates receiving an Associate of Science in Nursing degree (ASN) from Louisiana Delta Community College (LDCC) are eligible to apply to the Louisiana State Board of Nursing (LSBN) for initial licensure, which requires examination by the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). After successfully passing the NCLEX-RN, graduates become Registered Nurses (RNs). The ADRN (Associate Degree RN) has been educated in the art and science of nursing as a generalist, able to provide safe and quality healthcare to patients in a variety of settings. LDCC ASN graduates learn to function within the legal scope of registered nursing practice, and to uphold professional standards of care to patients across the lifespan. The ASN degree provides the graduate with an educational foundation for articulation into a four-year university setting to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), required to continue to a graduate degree.


The Louisiana Delta Community College (LDCC) ASN Program has a limited-admission LPN-RN transition track for those working as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). Eligible students from a qualified pool of applicants are selected according to the highest results on a numerical scoring rubric for admission into the nursing program. Applicants not selected must maintain eligibility and re-apply for consideration in a future term.


In order to be eligible for admission to the ASN Program, the applicant must first be admitted to LDCC. The College application is online at http://www.ladelta.edu/Admissions/Apply/apply. The application and all supporting documents must be received by designated deadlines. Applicants are not considered for the ASN Program unless all required documents have been received in the Knight Center, and the applicant’s file is complete. A copy of the application, and any supporting documents should be retained by the applicant. All correspondence will be sent to the applicant’s email and physical address listed in the application.


Submit two copies of official verification from the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners (LSBPNE) of an unencumbered LA practical nurse license AND the original copy of an employer-signed reference letter, on the facility’s official letterhead, stating at least one year full-time Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) experience. The LSBPNE web-address for official verification is: http://www.lsbpne.com/license_verification.phtml.


Have Practical Nursing School send a hard copy of the official transcript, with the school seal to:

Louisiana Delta Community College

Attn: Cindy Cox, ASN Program Administrative Assistant 

7500 Millhaven Rd.

Monroe, LA 71203

Application and admission are competitive, based on a 100 point rubric according to the following:


1. GPA in the required pre-requisite, non-nursing courses with 31 credit hours

2. Score on the pre-entrance TEAS test (highest of possible 3 attempts)

3. Minimum of 9 credit hours, with a grade of "C" or higher from LDCC

4. Another degree (Associate, Bachelors, Master’s, or Doctorate), with points given for the highest.

NOTE: Meeting requirements does not guarantee admission.

  • STEP 1


    In order to be considered for admission to the nursing program you must be admitted to LDCC. If not already a LDCC student; or if were a previous LDCC student, and missed a major semester (Fall or Spring), meet all LDCC admission requirements. If assistance is needed, contact the Knight Center at 318-345-9003 or enrollmentdept@ladelta.edu. The applicant must, at a minimum, be completing the required non-nursing, pre-requisite courses during the semester of application, achieving a “C” or higher.

    STEP 2


    1. The applicant MUST:

      1. Meet LDCC admission requirements.

      2. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

      3. Have a prerequisite GPA of 2.7 or higher.

      4. Take and pass TEAS with minimum requirement.

      5. At a minimum, be completing the below courses during the semester of application, achieving a “C” or higher.

        Required Non-Nursing Courses:

        Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
        ENGL 101 Composition I  3
        ENGL 102 Composition II  3
        MATH 110 College Algebra  3
        MATH 210 Introduction to Statistics  3
        BIOL 210/211 Microbiology  4 (Lec 3; Lab 1)
        BIOL 221/223 Human Anatomy & Physiology I  4 (Lec 3; Lab 1)
        BIOL 222/224 Human Anatomy & Physiology II  4 (Lec 3; Lab 1)
        HSCI 106 Introduction to Health Sciences  1
        HSCI 115 Pharmacology  3
        PSYC 201 Introduction to Psychology  3 
        TOTAL 31
    2. Achieve a minimum composite score of 60 on the TEAS pre-entrance exam. There are three (3) attempts possible. If TEAS is taken at another testing center, an electronic transcript, must be sent directly from ATI to LDCC (rhondalindsay@ladelta.edu). The ordering procedure for an ATI transcript is to visit: www.atitesting.com, Online Store, Discover Transcript, pay the fee of $27.00 (currently). NO TRANSCRIPTS are accepted, directly from applicants.

      * Please watch the website for information about TEAS, along with dates and application deadlines.

      TEAS Notice:

      “TEAS V” is no longer available, as ATI changed to the new version of the TEAS test called “ATI TEAS”, on August 31, 2016. For more information concerning changes to TEAS please visit: https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/pre- program/PreNursingSchoolFAQ.aspx .

    3. A copy of the official degree certificate (with prior Associate, Bachelors, Master’s, or Doctorate).

    4. A copy of ALL unofficial transcript(s) with all prerequisite non-nursing courses highlighted.

    5. A curriculum plan completely filled with non-nursing course data. The process is: under Semester / Year, write the semester and year (exp. FA16 for the fall of 2016) that the non-nursing courses were taken; under Institution (if not Delta) write where the courses were taken, if not at LDCC; under Transfer/Substitution Course and Approval, write the course number that was approved, and have the approver sign and date next to the course number; under Grade, write the LAST grade received in the non-nursing course; under Quality Points, place accordingly from transcript data.

    6. Two copies of official verification from the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners (LSBPNE) of an unencumbered, current, license as a Practical Nurse in Louisiana AND the original copy of an employer-signed reference letter, on the facility’s official letterhead, stating at least one year full-time Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) experience.

    7. If a PN graduate from an institution other than LDCC, have a hard copy of the official transcript, with the school seal sent to: Louisiana Delta Community College, Attn: Cindy Cox, ASN Program Administrative Assistant, 7500 Millhaven Rd. Monroe, LA 71203

    8. Submit in person, the complete, signed ASN Program application, and all supporting documents (complete packet) to Ms. Cox in Rm. 204 by the appropriate date and time.


    STEP 3


    The Selection Committee, composed of LDCC faculty and administrators, meet in the latter part of May (after courses are complete and rubrics are totaled), receive only numerical data, confirm rubric scores, and discuss statistical findings.

    The numerical conclusions are: accepted or denied based on the top ten (10) scores, with the next two (2) scores continuing as alternates; and officially voted on by the committee.

    STEP 4


    1. All applicants will be notified of application status by the last day in June.

    2. The top ten (10) scoring applicants will receive a letter which must be printed, and signed, indicating either acceptance or denial of candidacy for the LPN to RN track of the nursing program. The form must be scanned, and returned by the given deadline date to cynthiacox@ladelta.edu.


      The LSBN requires all candidates to complete an Application for Approval to Enroll in a Clinical Nursing Course form and authorization for a criminal background check. Candidates who have been charged with, pled guilty or nolo contendere to, been convicted of, or committed a criminal offense that involves a crime of violence or distribution of drugs may be denied the right to practice nursing as a student in Louisiana. LSBN can approve, deny, delay, or otherwise restrict the enrollment of the student. If approval is not granted by LSBN, the student is not admitted to the program.

    3. Upon receipt of acceptance letters, the candidate will receive packets to complete by the next given deadline date. Along with the packets, money orders are required, and explained by LSBN. The following examples are requirements, but not limitations:

      1. LSBN Application for Permission to Enroll in Clinical Nursing Courses in Louisiana

      2. LSBN Application Instructions

      3. LSBN Fingerprint Authorization form and Instructions

      4. LSBN Fingerprint Cards (from local authorities)

      5. LSBN Student Consent to Disclosure of Medical Information and Records form

        + For information about the Louisiana State Board of Nursing application process, please visit the LSBN website by clicking HERE.

    4. Additionally, the following examples will also be sent as requirements, , but not limited, which will be uploaded to the student-paid, account at www.castlebranch.com:

      1. LDCC ASN Program Physical Examination form

      2. LDCC ASN Program TB Skin Test form

      3. Immunization list (examples: MMR, Tdap, Hep B series, Varicella, Influenza)

      4. Front and back copy of signed current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider BLS/CPR card

      5. Front and back of health insurance card

      6. LDCC ASN Program OSHA quiz, after watching the accompanying videos

    1. Candidates who accept the offer for admission must attend a MANDATORY Pre- Admission Nursing Orientation Session with the date, time and location to be announced.

    2. Candidates become LPN to RN Track ASN Program students when permission to enroll is received by LSBN. At this time, a Change of Major form is complete on each, sent to the Registrar’s Office, and registration for classes may begin with the CRNs given.

    3. As a student each semester, the week prior to the start of classes, a Math Bootcamp will take place, to assist student’s success. This week is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged and advised.

    Please see:



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