CashCourse provides unbiased, ad-free financial information that is independent of commercial interests. The program takes a whole-life approach to personal finance, with resources on:

  • Financial basics like banking, budgeting, credit, debt, savings and insurance
  • Funding higher education, repaying student loans, study abroad and graduate and professional degrees
  • Shopping, spending, housing and transportation costs
  • Entering the working world, understanding benefits, negotiating a salary and career planning
  • Life transitions, dealing with roommates, buying a home and starting a family
  • Financial crises, income gaps, scams and emergency preparedness

Student Tools

CashCourse also offers a number of interactive tools for students:

  • Quizzes, worksheets, calculators and a Budget Wizard
  • Helpful content such as articles, videos and a dictionary of financial terms
  • Information that is easy to understand and continually updated

Resources for Campus Administrators

To facilitate the program on campus, CashCourse includes resources for teachers and administrators:

  • Workshop kits on key financial topics like understanding basic financial concepts, paying for education, making purchases, money and relationships, and more
  • Marketing materials for sharing the program on campus
  • Custom branding for each enrolled school
  • The ability to make assignments for students and track their progress


My Story: Advice to My 20-Year-Old Self

By: Kara T., University of Alaska Anchorage

I am 33 years old, halfway through my first bachelor’s degree, and digging myself out of the financial mess that was my 20s. I wish someone had told me a few things about life before I grabbed that proverbial shovel and started digging with all of the enthusiasm a 20-something can muster. So, I write to you, current 20-somethings, the letter I wish I could write to my previous self. You are awesome. You have your whole life ahead of you and you will do some fantastic things. You will earn degrees, find a partner, give back to your communities and find a niche that matches the person you wish to become. But, despite all of that awesomeness, you possess the power to do things that will negatively affect your life. Things that will give you clarity as to why the celebration of your first three decades on earth will forever be known as the “dirty 30.” This fate is not guaranteed, however, and with just a few thoughtful decisions and a bit of careful planning, your life can be different.

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