Welcome to Delta!

Not sure what career you want to pursue?

You’re not alone. Many high school graduates—and older students too—feel the same way. College has always been the perfect place to explore career choices. And LDCC is the perfect place to start your search. Why?

  • It’s affordable. Delta offers the lowest college tuition in northeast Louisiana, so you can test the waters.

  • It’s convenient. Most of our students live at home. There’s plenty of affordable housing nearby.

  • It’s caring. We know if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here. So our faculty and staff are always ready to help you succeed. Smaller classes, individual attention, free tutoring–you’ll find it at Delta.

  • It’s flexible. Take a class or two. Pursue a certificate or two-year degree. Transfer to a four-year university. Whatever shape your future takes, it can take shape at Delta.

Grades weren’t so hot in high school?

Delta is an open admissions college. For academic programs, all you need is a high school diploma or GED. We even offer placement tests if you haven’t taken the ACT.

Been out of high school for a long time?

So have many of our students. You’ll be surprised how quickly you adjust. And how well you fit in. Everything that makes Delta ideal for high school grads makes it just right for returning students.

Already attending another university?

We can help you. Many Delta students are cross-enrolled at nearby universities. And most of our classes transfer to four-year colleges.

High school student wanting to take college courses?

Did you know you can take college courses while you’re still in high school? You can! You can earn high school as well as college credit. See dual enrollment for detailed information.