Students, are you learning about the value of internships or trying to find an internship? Career Services is here to help! We can help you polish up your resume while learning interview etiquette. We continue to seek ways in which to expand internship opportunities for LDCC students and to reach out to surrounding community.

What Every College Student Should Know

  • All internships are learning experiences - some may be paid while others may be non-paid depending upon your industry trends.
  • Make the most out of your internship experience by timely, quality work and applying critical thinking.
  • Gain real world experience and lean new skills while earning college credit.
  • Build your resume, portfolio, and/or curriculum vitae; as well as, collecting letters of reference.
  • Network and make new connections in the industry for any future job seeking opportunities.
  • Most employers (58% or more) are more likely to hire interns--be professional.

Student Tips

  • See out challenges and demonstrate a desire to learn and develop.
  • Be respectful, courteous and make a positive impression.
  • Ask thoughtful questions and express your interest in learning more.
  • Treat your internship experience as if it were an extended job interview.

Student Internship Manual