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The mission of the Student Success Services department is to provide quality programs and services for students that support the College’s mission. These programs and services are designed to enhance students’ educational, personal, ethical, social, and cultural development. Our vision is to promote educational success, health and wellness, service to others, civic engagement, appreciation of diversity, personal responsibility, and leadership. The Student Success Services team includes career services, counseling, disability services, financial aid, and student life. Through close collaboration between the Student Success Services and Enrollment Services departments, we are committed to promoting an educational environment that will maximize student learning and development and provide access to educational funding.

Welcome to all LDCC students who attend one of our eight campuses! Helping you to achieve your educational goals is our primary focus. Our wide array of student services and activities reflect the rich diversity of LDCC students and our commitment to student success and excellence. 

We recognize that navigating the college system can sometimes be challenging. We provide a number of services including career counseling, services for students with disabilities, personal counseling, financial aid and a wide-range of student engagement opportunities through our Student Life Office. 

The Student Success Services staff are always available. We want to hear from you to know how we can serve you better. Your voice, as an LDCC student, is very important to us. By attending LDCC, you are investing in your future and the growth of our community. Stop by today at any of the LDCC Student Success Services offices to continue the life-long learning process of becoming all you can be!

Student Success Services Department Offices
Alvina Thomas, Dean

Student Success Services include:
Career Services
Couseling and Disability Services
Financial Aid
Judicial Affairs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Student Life