Confidential Advisors

LOUISIANA DELTA COMMUNITY COLLEGE is committed to maintaining an academic and working environment where all individuals feel safe and are free to develop intellectually, professionally, and socially. In accordance with Title IX, LDCC strictly prohibits any acts of sexual misconduct by students, faculty, or staff.

WHAT IS CONFIDENTIAL ADVISING? Designated individuals who have been trained to aid a student involved in a sexual misconduct complaint in the resolution process as a confidential resource. As suggested by the term “confidential advisor,” confidential communications with the advisor will be kept confidential in all circumstances except where the institution or advisor may be required to disclose the communications under state and federal laws.

HOW IS CONFIDENTIALITY CONSIDERED? An individual may make a request for confidentiality/privacy at any point during the investigation process. If at any point an individual requests privacy, the College will make all reasonable attempts to comply with this request, but such requests limit the College’s ability to investigate and properly adjudicate any allegations.

Who are the parties involved in an incident?

• Complainant (Victim): A person who believes they experienced sexual misconduct.

• Reporter: A person who has information that sexual misconduct may have been committed by a university student, employee or participant in a university program.

• Respondent (The Accused): The person whose actions are alleged to have violated the Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct Policy. Who Reports?

• Is a Confidential Advisor required to report incidents of sexual misconduct? NO

• Is a non-professional counselor or advocate required to report incidents of sexual misconduct?

• The only individuals that are NOT required to report are individuals that are listed as Confidential Advisors or individuals that are hired by the College as a licensed counselor.

 • If an individual wishes to report, they should be directed to any of the following:

• Any Responsible Employee

• Department of the Dean of Student Success Services

• Department of Human Resources

• LDCC Campus Police Department

• Campus Directors on LDCC Satellite Campuses

Louisiana Delta Community College

Confidential Advisors

July 7, 2016

Revised 092017

Monroe Campus 

Traci Clark, Director of Student Counseling and Disability Services


Gwenn Hall, Assistant Director for Admissions



Bastrop Campus

Joseph Mansour, Campus Director


DeltaLinc Adult Education

Lisa Lewis, Academic Outreach Counselor


Stephanie Ceasar, Adult Education Counselor



Jonesboro/Ruston Campus

Doug Postel, Campus Director


Lake Providence Campus

Patricia Dunn, Campus Coordinator/Financial Aid Advisor


DeWanna Temple, Administrator Coordinator 4


Tallulah Campus

DeWanna Temple, Administrator Coordinator 4


West Monroe Campus

Julia Toliver, Campus Coordinator


Winnsboro Campus

DeAnne Kiper, Director of Campus Services and Workforce/Economic Development