The Certification for Manufacturing (C4M) training program is designed to build foundational skills needed in manufacturing and represents skills needed for about 85 percent of the new industrial jobs coming to the region. 

The C4M program is "holistic" in that all courses are interrelated. To be an effective employee requires knowledge skills to function in today’s fast-paced, high-tech, global business environment. Some job tasks will require use of technology. Other job tasks may require unique skills such as math or measurement. Finally, skills that increase personal effectiveness with coworkers and customers also create a better business environment. This program requires that learners integrate skills taught in all courses to enable them to perform effectively in a manufacturing environment. The C4M program is comprised of five course clusters: 

Manufacturing Organizational Principles

These courses provide insight into basic and manufacturing principles. They will develop skills for working successfully in the complex global manufacturing business environment. 

Manufacturing Workforce Skills 

Workforce Skills courses are a central focus of C4M training. These courses provide development in the skills required to create positive relations and to communicate effectively in various settings, successfully work with team members to solve problems, and increase personal effectiveness. 

Manufacturing Production Requirements

These courses provide skills and knowledge of quality initiatives and methodologies. 

Automated Manufacturing Skills

These courses provide basic skills in manufacturing operations. This includes mechanical and electrical fundamentals as well as computers and automated controls. 

C4M can be offered in its entirety to students, or can be offered in segments to meet specific workforce needs of area businesses and industries. 

For information on Certification for Manufacturing, contact Nicole Barfield, 318-345-9288,