Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree

Louisiana Transfer Liason
Don Wheeler

The transfer associate degree is designed to provide students with an opportunity to complete the first 60 hours of work toward a baccalaureate degree at a two-year or community college. Students who successfully complete a designated transfer associate program are eligible to enter a four-year public university as a junior, with all 60 (non-developmental) credits transferring to the receiving university.

The Louisiana transfer associate degree consists of a 39-hour General Education (GenEd) block and a 21-hour block of additional course work. Students who enter a four-year public university with this degree in hand will have met the institution’s general education requirements and will be granted upper division (junior) status, with all of its concomitant rights and privileges. This guarantee applies to those who successfully complete the degree with a grade of "C" or better in each course.

Students may complete either an Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer (AA/LT) or Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer (AS/LT) degree, depending on interests and aspirations for further study toward the baccalaureate. Upon deciding on a prospective major, it is important that students do some research and seek advice about what the program’s prerequisite courses are so that they may be completed as a part of the AA or AS degree.

IN SUMMARY, the Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree (with grade requirements met) guarantees:

The Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree does not guarantee:


Advising and planning are key to a student’s success in maximizing the transfer experience. All students who might be considering an eventual transfer from one institution to another should develop, with an advisor’s assistance, a written degree plan of courses to take for the transfer associate degree.

It is the student’s responsibility, with professional advice, to choose the array of courses that will optimize preparation for admission into specific senior colleges and timely completion of expected degree programs. Review of the degree plan will provide an opportunity to reflect on the qualifications conferred by the two-year transfer associate, which awards junior standing in a Louisiana public university.


Graduates of the designated Transfer Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree programs must have achieved a grade of "C" or better in each course of the 60 hours applied toward the degree to qualify for block transfer guarantees. (Developmental courses do not apply to degree requirements.)

Student Benefits & Responsibilities for the Transfer Associate Degree