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If you already know your username and password, you can begin logging into LoLa now!

Having Trouble Logging In or Need Your User ID?

If you do not know your username and password to LoLA, you can look it up by using our lookup utility or by logging in to your My LaDelta Student Portal and clicking LoLa Lookup! Once logged in, you will see a link titled LoLa Lookup. There you will see some helpful information on logging into LoLa!

LoLA (Log-On Louisiana) is a powerful new online tool that will allow you to completely manage your college career. LoLA will be your 24/7, one stop resource for the upcoming Fall semester. You will use LoLA to:

  • Monitor your financial aid application
  • Register for classes
  • Review your class schedule
  • View your work study or student worker schedule
  • Check on important upcoming dates
  • Catch up on campus news and announcements

Don't Know The Password Format?

Passwords Must follow this format to work:

  1. Must be between 12 and 20 characters long
  2. Must have at least one letter and one number
  3. Must have at least one of the five following special characters: '=%*@+'  In English those are the 'equal' sign, the 'percent' sign, the 'asterisk' or 'star', the 'at' sign, or the 'plus' sign

Suggestions to help you with your password:

  • You do not have to enter any capital letters
  • If you combine first names of friends or loved ones, it becomes easier; for example, if your mother's first name is 'ashley' and your puppy's name is 'lucky', then 'ashleylucky1+' meets all the requirements.   

LoLA will be adding new features and information, such as financial aid and class scheduling. Here are some important things you can do to stay connected during these exciting changes:

  • Monitor your LDCC email account
  • Follow us on Twitter @ladeltacc
  • "Like" the LDCC Facebook page
  • Regularly check for announcements at
  • Attend campus meetings regarding the new system

LoLA will provide you with a variety of new resources to assist you in your academic journey. We look forward to working with you as that journey continues.

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  • LCTCS Online
  • Get a Game Plan
  • Firstcall Interactive Network
  • Louisiana Star Jobs

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