Q.E.P. Committee


The QEP Committee is made up of key decision makers, other committee representatives, librarian, QEP instructors, Deans, Division chairs, QEP Coordinator, and Vice Chancellor.  The QEP Committee will need to play an active and strategic role in implementing and marketing QEP events, programs, workshops, faculty professional development activities, data collection, and survey administration.


  • Don Wheeler, Vice Chancellor
  • Brien Dunn, QEP Coordinator
  • Jason Manning, Dean of Sciences & Process Technologies
  • Frank Boone, Division Chair of Natural Science & Math
  • Scott Higginbotham,  Division Chair of Liberal Arts
  • Debra Garner, Professor of Nursing
  • Carolyn Hodgkins, Behavioral Sciences
  • Sharon Bowman, E-learning Coordinator
  • Janis LaVigne, Prof. Math, QEP Instructor
  • Darian Atkins, Public Relations Director
  • Natalie Campbell, CIS Instructor
  • Alicia Rogers, Prof. Math, QEP Instructor
  • Lisa Burns, Prof. Math, QEP Instructor
  • Annie McKinney, Library Director
  • Deanne Kiper, Winnsboro campus administrator