Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a community college?
    A community college is a publicly supported and locally oriented college that offers programs for transfer to a four-year college, career education programs, remedial or "catch-up" programs for students who lack a strong educational background, and continuing education for cultural growth, life enrichment, and skills improvement.

  • What is an Associate’s Degree?
    An associate’s degree is awarded to students who have completed about 61 hours of classes at a two-year school.

  • What are some benefits of an Associate’s Degree?
    A few benefits of earning an Associate’s Degree are the shorter amount of time spent in school, the increase of your yearly income, and the low cost it takes to complete the needed courses. An Associate’s Degree is always a great way to ensure security for your future.

  • Where do I get my books?
    Books can be purchased from the campus bookstore located on the first floor of the Louisiana Purchase Building.

  • How do I apply?
    You need a complete application for admission, which you can get online or at Student Enrollment Services, along with the non-refundable application fee of $15. You’ll also need to provide your official high school transcript or official GED scores, your official ACT scores or placement survey scores, your complete proof of Immunization Compliance Form and, if you are a male, you need to be sure you have your proof of registration with Selective Service.

  • What degree programs are offered at Delta?
    Delta has a variety of degrees to choose from. You can earn your Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, Associate of General Studies, Associate of Science in General Science, Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology, and Associate of Science in Care and Development of young Children . You can also earn a General Studies Certificate or complete a Process Technology concentration in the General Studies degree program.

  • When can I register?
    Please see our calendar for a list of dates.

  • Can I apply online?
    No, not at this time.

  • What if I lose my student ID card?
    First you would go to the student billing office and pay a replacement fee. Then go to the enrollment and student services office to pick up your new student ID card.

  • Why should I attend Delta?
    Delta is a small campus. Classes are small. You actually get to know the people in your class and the teachers are willing to work with you. Delta is more than a school; it’s a family.

  • How much are the tuition and fees at Delta?
    Look under "Admissions" then "Tuition and Fees" for a list of the tuition and fees.

  • Is financial aid available?
    Delta offers the following financial aid options: Pell Grants, SEOG, ACG, GO Grants, Federal Work Study, TOPS, Foundation Scholarships, and Louisiana Pathways Scholarships. They also accept National Guard, Senior Citizen, Veterans Benefits, Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, and Workforce Investment Act.

  • Can I take Classes if I am still in high school?
    Yes, through Delta’s High School Bridge Program, currently enrolled high school students can take college level courses if they meet the requirements.

  • What is orientation?
    Orientation provides an overview of the college, review of placement test scores, academic advising and registration for classes.

  • Do I need a parking sticker?
    Yes. Parking for all Delta students is restricted to the designated areas for students. Students parking in other areas than those identified for student parking will be ticketed. All students who park on campus must have a valid parking decal on their vehicle ($30.00 per school year or $10.00 for Summer only). The parking decal should be displayed on the outside of the lower left portion of the rear window of the vehicle. Faculty and Staff parking zones are marked with appropriate signs. There are designated areas for individuals with disabilities. Temporary parking permits are issued and approved by Campus Safety.

  • Does Delta have a place for students to do computer work?
    Yes, the campus is completely wireless so students are free to work on their own laptops. However, there are two computer labs in the library and 16 computers, 2 of which are ADA accessible, in the Student Success Center located next to the library on the first floor. This is a place where students can type reports, do research for assignments, print out needed materials, and study.

  • Does Delta have any clubs or organizations I can be a part of?
    Yes. Delta offers Behavioral and Social Science Organization (B.S.S.O.), Delta Christian Fellowship, Delta Early Childhood Organization (DECO), SciQuest, FOCUS, and TEAM Delta.

  • Is Delta accessible for students with disabilities?
    Yes. Delta provides parking spaces, bathrooms, water fountains, & services. The campus also has an automatic entrance to the building and every classroom has wheelchair accessible desk.

  • Does Delta offer positions for student workers?
    Yes. FWS is a federal work program awarded through Financial Aid to eligible students. The dollar amounts vary according to the student’s financial need. The purpose of the program is to provide job opportunities for those in need of financial assistance to meet their college costs. Typically, these jobs are located on the college campus and are limited to no more than 20 hours a week. Anyone interested in learning more about this program should speak with someone in career services or see their Financial Aid Advisor. Funds are limited.

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