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Process for Addressing Concerns


Students who wish to file a non-academic concern must direct the concern in writing to the Department of Student Success Services at their campus. Concerns can also be submitted by completing the student concern form that is located on LDCC’s website.


  1. Dean of Student Success Services/Campus Directors will investigate the incident/concern; determine a resolution, and respond in writing to student within 10 working days.
  2. If the student is not satisfied with the response he/she may appeal the decision within 10 working days to the Executive Director of Enrollment Management who makes the final decision.


Concerns from students about faculty members should be handled by the department involved.


  1. Students who wish to file an academic concern about faculty should first contact the faculty member involved in an effort to reach an informal solution.
  2. If the concern is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction, the student is to make an appointment with the Academic Supervisor who may then
    1. Talk to the faculty involved
    2. Arrange a joint meeting between faculty member and student
    3. Appoint a departmental committee to look into the situation
    4. If there is no solution at the departmental level, the student may take the concern to Academic Division Chair
    5. If no solution at the faculty, departmental and Division Chair levels, the student may appeal to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

All written concerns are kept in the Department of Student Services on each campus or in electronic format through the student conduct software.