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Student Testing Agreement

In order to utilize the Testing Room to receive testing accommodations, students must review and sign this form indicating consent.

  • To schedule a testing appointment, students are asked to complete the Testing Form. This form is used to schedule each exam.
  • There are two ways students can access the Testing Form.
  1. On the LDCC website     
  2. Pick up the Testing Form from the Testing Center in Room 137.
  • On the Testing Form there are two sections:
  1. “Student Information” where you will list your contact information and the date and time that you want to take your test.
  2. “Instructor Information” where the faculty member will approve the testing request and add any special instructions.
  • Students will turn in the Testing Form with the “Student Information” completed at least three (3) days before the exam is scheduled.
  1. Students can bring the Testing Form to the Testing Center in Room 137.
  2. Students can email the form to
  • Students will keep scheduled testing appointments. If the student is more than 15 minutes late, the testing appointment will need to be rescheduled.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the Testing Room.
  • Cell phones have to be turned off and stored in the designated area. Please do not have the cell phone on your person.
  • Take restroom and water breaks before starting your exam. Students are unable to leave the Testing Room, once the exam has started.
  • Students should bring all necessary testing supplies including scantrons, pencils, calculators, and any other needed materials.

  • Students are responsible for maintaining the standards of academic honesty as set forth in the Student Handbook. Violations of academic integrity could result in a failing grade and/or the student being referred to the Academic Appeals Committee for further sanctions.