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CBA (Controlled Billed Account) Travel Card

Policy Statement

In accordance with LA Corporate Travel Card Policy the CBA Travel Card (CBA) is a VISA account issued by Bank of America to be used as a tool to assist employees in paying for specific travel expenses incurred during travel for official state business. This account enables employees to purchase travel related accommodations/services in accordance with PPM49 guidelines The CBA is a ghost account and has no physical card assigned to it, but is ran strictly by the numbers provided by the state and Bank of America.

Responsibilities of LDCC Relating to the CBA

Reconciliation of activity as well as timely payment of expenses charged to this account is the responsibility of LDCC. Maintaining controls for the CBA is the responsibility of the Comptroller’s Office.

Individual staff approved by the Comptroller’s Office (and Department Heads) that are assigned the duties of organizing travel arrangements for the college’s departments will be granted access to the use of the CBA and are responsible for verifying the budget constraints of a given department and receiving appropriate departmental approval before utilizing the CBA to prepare travel arrangements. Gathering of necessary documentation for the travel per policy, both State and LDCC (F2.6), as well as appropriate receipts is the responsibility of the “arrangers.” A current list of approved “arrangers” will be kept by the Comptroller (or assigned designee) as well as ultimate reconciliation and payment of the monthly balance garnered on the CBA account. The Comptroller and the CFO are “authorizers” for the CBA account—meaning they are able to sign for and ask questions to the Bank of America VISA card assigned to LDCC and the State Program Administrator at the Office of State Purchasing and Travel.

The Comptroller (or assigned designee) will keep abreast of program updates as well as dissemination of this information to the arrangers, authorizers, department heads, and other personnel as deemed appropriate by the Comptroller’s Office and the CFO.

LDCC will notify the State Program Administrator at the Office of State Purchasing and Travel of any changes in the department head (Chancellor) or program administrators/authorizers (VC of Finance and Administration/CFO and the Comptroller); of changes to the reporting structure of the college and of any changes in internal policy relating to the CBA.

Allowable CBA Travel Card Transactions

  • Airfare
  • State Contracted Travel Agency Fees Louisiana Delta Community College Policy – CBA Travel Card Effective revision date: May 4, 2012 3 of 4
  • Registration for Conferences/Workshops (this does not include membership dues)
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Rental Car
  • Parking (Only with hotel stay and combined on invoice and Park-N-Fly Parking)
  • Internet Services (Only with hotel stay and combined on invoice)
  • Airline Baggage Fees (Only when combined with normal airfare cost at the time of reservation. If baggage charge is invoiced/billed separately or at time of check-in, these fees are not allowed on the CBA without approval from the Office of State Travel.)
  • Gasoline for Rental Car/State Owned Car Only
  • Shuttle Service (Only when pre-paid prior to trip. Not for individual ground transportation during a trip such as taxi, bus, etc. without approval from the Office of State Travel.)

Responsible Parties


  • Authorized by departments to act as the travel liaison; will verify the travel is authorized by the appropriate department head and that there is sufficient budget to cover costs that will be incurred by impending travel.
  • Is approved and trained by the Comptroller’s Office to act in the capacity of a travel arranger for a given department or departments.
  • Will provide the Comptroller’s Office all back-up data pertaining to any travel expenses charged to the CBA; and will notify the Comptroller’s Office of all travel charges when they are charged.
  • Will seek appropriate signing from an Authorizer when an expense requires such.


  • Will be the VC of Finance and Administration/CFO and the Comptroller and act as the signers for the VISA account provided by Bank of America and assigned by the State.
  • Keeps the state apprised of any shifts in pertinent personnel and changes to CBA Policy.

 Department Head

  • Will help assign an appropriate travel liaison (Arranger) for their department – ultimately approved by the appropriate VC or Dean for a given area within the college.

Misuse of CBA

The State Liability Travel Card and CBA Policy classify misuse as follows:

  1. Fraud Purchases – any use of the CBA which is determined to be an intentional attempt to defraud the state for personal gain or for the personal gain of others. Should there be an occurrence of fraud detected by LDCC it is the responsibility of Louisiana Delta Community College Policy – CBA Travel Card Effective revision date: May 4, 2012 4 of 4 the college to report such instance to the Legislative Auditor and the Director of the Office of State Purchasing.
  2. Non-Approved Purchase – a purchase made by the college for which payment by the State is unapproved. A non-approved purchase differs from a fraud purchase in that it is a non-intentional misuse of the CBA with no intent to deceive the agency for personal gain or for the personal gain of others. According to the State Liability Travel Card and CBA Policy, when a non-approved purchase occurs, the employee should be counseled to use more care in handling the CBA card. “The counseling should be in writing and maintained in the employee’s file for no longer than one year unless another incident occurs. The employee should be made to pay for the item purchased inappropriately. Should another incident of a non-approved purchase occur within a 12 month period, the appointing authority should consider revocation” of the rights to use the CBA card.

Travel Card Program for Individuals

LDCC has opted out of this State program and will conduct all pertinent travel expenses through the CBA or through reimbursement as outlined in LDCC Policy F2.6.

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