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Problems or Questions?
Having difficulties resetting your password, or just need a question answered? Please contact the MIS/IT department for help or call 318-345-9025!

Requesting a Pin:
Forgot your password or need to change it? To ensure security, we send a PIN number to your personal cell phone or personal email address provided to us by you in our intranet. By requesting this PIN, you agree to any text message charges you incur if you select the text message option. If you do not have your personal information entered into our intranet, please contact your supervisor or human resources to do this before resetting your password.

Resetting your password:
Your pin number is only active for 5 minutes, so it is important you are able to access your personal email and/or personal mobile phone. Once you receive the pin number, you can proceed to change your password. The PIN number will be a random 7 digit number that is unique to you.

Rules for creating a password.
  • Make your passwords as long as possible. We require that your password must be 12 characters long with a minimum of 1 upper-cased letter, 1 lower-cased letter and 1 number.
  • It is best to use as many different characters as possible and not to use any personal information in the password.
  • Everyone is required to change their password every 105 days.

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