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Class Materials Needed
HNUR 1211 Adult blood pressure cuff
HNUR 1211 Box of Gloves: non-powdered and preferably non-latex
HNUR 1211 Stethoscope for vital sign and physical assessment skills
HNUR 1212 BP cuff
HNUR 1212 Stethoscope
HNUR 1361 (2) 10 mL non safety syringe with needle 22gX1”
HNUR 1361 (2) 3mL non safety syringe with needle 22gX1”
HNUR 1361 (2) Demo-dose ampule
HNUR 1361 (2) Safety needle only 22 g X 1.5”
HNUR 1361 (2) TB syringe with needle 25gX5/8”
HNUR 1361 (5) Safety needle only 21X1”
HNUR 1361 Alcohol prep pads medium (box of 200)
HNUR 1361 Demo-dose insulin bundle (Regular, NPH, 70/30, Lantis, 75/25, and Lispr insulin)
HNUR 1361 Demo-dose powder for reconstitution
HNUR 1361 Sodium Chloride 0.9% inj 30 mL
HNUR 1411 1 roll bandage tape (1 inch)
HNUR 1411 2 pair Sterile gloves
HNUR 1411 4X4 sterile gauze tray
HNUR 1411 60 ml piston syringe with catheter tip
HNUR 1411 ABD pad (large absorption dressing)
HNUR 1411 Bandage scissors
HNUR 1411 Disposable penlight
HNUR 1411 Dressing change tray
HNUR 1411 Foley catheter tray with bag (14 french)
HNUR 1411 Suction catheter kit
HNUR 1411 Telfa pad (non stick dressing)
HNUR 1411 Trach cleaning tray
HNUR 2113C Bandage scissors
HNUR 2113C Hemostats
HNUR 2113C Penlight
HNUR 2113C Stethoscope
HNUR 2123C Bandage scissors
HNUR 2123C Hemostats
HNUR 2123C Penlight
HNUR 2123C Stethoscope
HNUR 2133C Bandage scissors
HNUR 2133C Hemostats
HNUR 2133C Penlight
HNUR 2133C Stethoscope
HNUR 2523C Bandage scissors
HNUR 2523C Hemostats
HNUR 2523C Penlight
HNUR 2523C Stethoscope
HNUR 2611 (2) IV Start Kit
HNUR 2611 (2) Monoject Magellan 22 G x 1” safety blood collection device
HNUR 2611 (3) Protectiv IV catheter
HNUR 2611 10 ml leur lok syringe
HNUR 2611 Alcohol preps
HNUR 2611 Demo-Dose Ampule 2 ml
HNUR 2611 Gloves, powder-free, latex free
HNUR 2611 Lifeshield 0.9% Saline 10ml
HNUR 2611 Mini-bag plus container 0.9% sodium chloride
HNUR 2611 Needleless IV Primary tubing
HNUR 2611 Needleless IV secondary tubing
HNUR 2611 Transpore tape
HNUR 2713C Bandage scissors
HNUR 2713C Hemostats
HNUR 2713C Penlight
HNUR 2713C Stethoscope
HNUR 2723C Bandage scissors
HNUR 2723C Hemostats
HNUR 2723C Penlight
HNUR 2723C Stethoscope
HNUR 2813C Bandage scissors
HNUR 2813C Hemostats
HNUR 2813C Penlight
HNUR 2813C Stethoscope

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