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New partnership between LDCC and ULM

LDCC and ULM signing ceremony

Dr. Randy Esters (LDCC) and Dr. Ronald Berry (ULM) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) reflecting the most extensive partnership to date. Dr. Wendi Tostenson, Vice Chancellor of Education and Student Success (LDCC), and Dr. Mark Arant, Provost and Vice President for Academics (ULM), were instrumental in defining the content and extent of the partnership. Chancellor Esters and President Berry pledged their full support to this endeavor to further seamlessly assist students, create more skilled labor in NELA’s pipeline, and change the lives of future generations. Today was a great day and a big win for our students.

Of the areas listed in the MOU below, the most immediate focus is increasing the graduation number of nurses and teachers to fill our communities’ shortages.

The details of the MOU are outlined below.




For the betterment of all participating organizations, in recognition of their common interests in developing bilateral relations, and convinced that cooperation between institutes of higher learning contributes to cultural enrichment, scientific progress, and the consolidation of friendship between Louisiana Delta Community College (hereinafter LDCC), Louisiana, United States of America, and the University of Louisiana Monroe (hereinafter “ULM”), Monroe, Louisiana, the United States of America, agree to the following Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This agreement will promote activities in the following areas:

Partner in advancing key professional careers in the region in

  •             Education
  •             Nursing
  •             Unmanned vehicles

Partner in support of area schools by a joint effort in

  •             Dual Enrollment programs targeting ULM’s service region
  •             Instructional Supply programs targeting ULM’s service region that provides classes to regional high schools that have difficulty finding teachers for certain subjects

Bachelors of Applied Sciences

  •             LDCC and ULM will collaborate on a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (LDCC) designed and promoted by both schools, supported by joint advising, tuition planning, and reciprocity plans.


Specific mechanisms for the implementation of particular cooperative and collaborative activities shall be established and described in writing by the responsible authority of each institution prior to the initiation of any program or activity.


1.         All activities developed under the auspices of this MOU will comply with the procedures, policies, and practices of each institution as well as the law and regulations of the United States of America and the State of Louisiana.

2.         Both institutions acknowledge that the visit by faculty and students from one institution to the other shall be subject to the entry and visa regulations of each country and shall comply with the regulations and policies of LDCC and ULM.

3.         Neither institution shall in any way be responsible for students’ liabilities, personal costs, travel expenses, accommodation fees, living expenses, insurance premiums, cost of textbooks, and any other educational expenses.


1.         This Agreement is established for a period of five (5) years, effective on the date of its signing.

2.         In order to enhance the efficacy of their cooperative activities, LDCC and ULM agree that it shall be possible to introduce changes and additions to the MOU by means of mutually agreed upon additional written clauses.

3.         At the end of each five-year period, this MOU may be renewed by mutual written agreement for an additional five years. A minimum period of six months will be required from either party wishing to terminate the MOU at any other time. In the event of termination, all commitments to students participating in the program will be honored by relevant parties.


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