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Safety Rules

  1. No Smoking allowed on campus.
  2. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or unauthorized medically prescribed drugs will not be tolerated in the work place.
  3. Before beginning work, notify your supervisor of any permanent or temporary impairment that may reduce your ability to perform in a safe manner.
  4. Use personal protective equipment to protect yourself from potential hazards that cannot be eliminated.
  5. Operate equipment only if you are trained and authorized.
  6. Inspect the workstation for potential hazards and ensure that the equipment or vehicle is in safe operating condition before using it.
  7. Immediately report any recognized potentially unsafe condition or act to your supervisor.
  8. If there is any doubt about the safe work method to be used, consult the supervisor before beginning work.
  9. Immediately report accidents, potential hazards, and property damage to a supervisor, regardless of the severity.
  10. Supervisors should obtain special safety permits when required. Examples of conditions requiring special safety permits are work with hot objects and work in confined spaces.
  11. Follow recommended work procedures outlined for the job, including safe work methods.
  12. Maintain an orderly environment and work procedure. Store all tools and equipment in a designated place. Put scrap and waste material in a designated refuse container.
  13. Report any smoke, fire, or unusual odors to your supervisor.
  14. Use proper lifting techniques. For objects exceeding 50 pounds in weight, specific methods for safe lifting must be determined by the immediate supervisor.
  15. Never attempt to catch a falling object.
  16. If your work creates a potential slip or trip hazard, correct the hazard immediately or use safety tape or tag the area before leaving it unattended.
  17. Fasten restraint belts before starting any motor vehicle.
  18. Obey all driver safety instructions.
  19. Comply with all traffic signs, signals, markers, and persons designated to direct traffic.
  20. Know all rules regarding first aid, evacuation routes, and fire department notification.
  21. Adhere to rules and procedures specific to Campus operations.
  22. Assist and cooperate with all safety investigations and inspections and assist in implementing safety procedures as requested.
  23. Electrical cords present hazards. Do not allow cords to extend across doorways, aisles or other walkways. When removing plugs from receptacles, grasp plug, not cord.
  24. Check all electrical cords to ensure that the wires are not frayed and that plugs are secure.
  25. A good worker is a safe worker: Be sure you know the safe way to perform any job given to you. If there is any doubt, ask your supervisor.

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