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Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a federally-funded work program that allows LDCC students who have received a Federal Work-Study award from the Office of Financial Aid to earn money through a part-time job during the academic year.

In order to receive funding through the FWS program, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at The student must receive a FWS award (through Financial Aid) for the current school year. Funding is limited; therefore, all students who apply for FWS may not receive an award.The student must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress and have financial need.

The positions include on-campus and off-campus community service sites. Here is information on how the process works.

  • Student will complete FWS Student Job Application-(See attached link) or receive an application at the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Student will submit completed FWS Student Job Application to The Office of Financial Aid.
  • Student will possibly be called to interview for position, and accepts or decline any offer.
  • Student will be contacted from HR to complete a background check online. Once the background check has been cleared, the student will be contacted to start the new hire paperwork with HR. If a student's background check makes them unable to receive employment under the FWS program, the student will receive an e-mail from HR informing them.
  • Student will receive mandatory Career Services orientation for the position, and go over policies and procedures.
  • Student will be contacted by Supervisor to report to work and create a schedule.

These positions are limited, and applying for a work study position does not mean you will receive employment in the program.

Federal Work-Study Job Application
Federal Work-Study Employee Request Form

Federal Work-Study Supervisors:

Federal Work Study (FWS) is awarded through financial aid to eligible students. The dollar amounts vary according to the student’s financial need. The purpose of the program is to provide job opportunities for those in need of financial assistance to meet college costs.

Since the FWS Program is federally funded, compliance with the program’s regulations is essential for its continuation. Compliance is the responsibility of each member of the LDCC and partnering communities, so it is imperative that you be familiar with the policies and procedures governing this program. Failure to comply with federal and state guidelines could result in the loss of funding to the college.

These positions are limited, and requesting a work study student does not mean you will receive one in the program. This depends on the amount of funding available within the program. Here is information on how the process works.

  • All FWS applications are to be turned in to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • The Office of Financial Aid will check the student's eligibility status and if eligible, will forward applications to Career Services.
  • All FWS applications will be centralized in Career Services.
  • Career Services will post all job openings online. (Supervisors will need to submit all job descriptions and available positions to Career Services and Financial Aid).
  • Supervisors may review the applications on file and select students to interview. (If needed)
  • Supervisors will complete the FWS Employee Request Form and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • The Office of Financial Aid will re-check student's eligibility and if student is still eligible, will forward information to HR for background check.
  • HR will send link to student's email to initiate the background check.
  • HR will notify student that the link for the background check has been sent to their email.
  • HR will notify The Office of Financial Aid of outcome.
  • If approved, HR will schedule onboarding with student which includes student training.
  • If denied, The Office of Financial Aid will send student a letter informing them of decision. (For denial questions, student will contact HR).
  • New supervisors will be trained by The Office of Financial Aid.
  • After HR signs off on the FWS Employee Request Form, they will forward to The Office of Financial Aid for awarding and authorization.
  • HR will send timesheet to supervisor with onboarding time included and will copy The Office of Financial Aid on email.
  • The Office of Financial Aid will send completed FWS Employee Request Form to supervisor and HR.
  • The Office of Financial Aid will notify supervisor via email that student has been awarded and can begin working.
  • Supervisor will contact student to arrange a work schedule.

Responsibilities of the Supervisor include:

  • Effectively train and actively supervise student employee.
  • Maintain and submit the student employee’s timesheet to Human Resources every two weeks.
  • Ensure that student does not work during class time or over 20 hours per week.
  • Maintain compliance with FWS policies and procedures.
  • Complete and submit evaluations of student employees at the end of each semester. (Evaluations are available in the attached link)
  • Notify Human Resources, Career Services, and Financial Aid if a student resigns or is terminated.

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