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Knights Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Course Operations

How is the course material delivered in an online class?

Most distance courses involve a combination of online lectures, reading course content in the Learning Management System (LMS), and reading the textbook. Additional activities may include online class meetings via WebEx, writing papers, completing various assignments, responding to questions posed on discussion boards, and taking proctored tests.

To get started with Canvas, see this Introduction to Canvas video.

What kind of student/teacher interactions are in online courses?

It varies from course to course – most of the distance delivered courses are taught through our Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. Tools used include recorded lectures, discussion boards, blogs, webinars, group projects, virtual live lectures and teleconferences through WebEx, etc. And of course, the professor is always available via email.

So, am I going to class all by myself?

Not at all. You are one student in a larger class. The advantage of an online course is that most work is done at your own time, but there may be times when the class may meet at the same time for a virtual session or for work. Just like in a face-to-face classroom you will do much of your work by yourself, but there may be group work to be done with other online students, depending on your instructor’s plans.

When do classes begin?

Classes are offered during the fall (starting in August), spring (starting in January), and summer (starting in June) semesters. In addition, courses may be offered during a compact term in Wintermester in December, and a Maymester in May. Late start sections of classes meet for half the calendar term and begin at the midpoint of fall and spring semesters. Regardless of the length of the term, all classes are full credit courses that cover the same material. See the academic calendar for class start dates.

How do I login to my courses?

All online courses are delivered through our LMS called Canvas. You will use your LoLA username and password to log into Canvas. You can find the link on the Knights Online page.

Do I have to log in at a particular time?

Typically, you work on your class at the time that works best for you. However, there may be WebEx meetings that you will want to attend.  Online classes are not a work at your own pace. Most classes will have specific due dates for assignments and exams.

Do I ever have to come to campus?

You are not required to come to campus; however, some classes may require that you sit for a certification test. This can be done on campus or at an authorized testing center near you. There may be an extra fee to use an authorized testing center to proctor certification exams. Your instructor will give you more information about required certification tests.

Do I have to purchase the book or other materials?

Many courses use open education resources that are free of charge. However, if your course requires a textbook or access code to an e-book, yes, you will need to purchase it.  Other classes may require that you have a specific type of calculator, 10-key keypad, special software, or any other course-specific requirement. It is your responsibility to purchase required course materials. Your instructor will notify you what additional course materials are required.

How do I purchase my textbook?

You can use your financial aid credit to purchase your textbook (or e-book access code) through the LaDelta Bookstore.  Many courses will have a link to the publisher in Canvas to purchase the textbook (or e-book access code) in the course. You will need to use a credit card to purchase from the publisher. Be aware that if you purchase an access code from any other site than the LaDelta Bookstore or the publisher, you may be purchasing an access code that has already been used.  Use caution when purchasing from other vendors.

As an online student, you should review the textbooks on the bookstore’s site or speak to the instructor before classes begin in order to allow time to order textbooks and have them shipped to you. The start of semesters is a busy period for textbook retailers and shipping and delivery can take longer in this crunch time. It is your responsibility to get our materials as soon as possible; your instructor cannot stop the class to wait for you to get your textbook.

Courses and Programs

What is LoLA?

Log on Louisiana (LoLA) is the online management system for all schools in the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. In LoLA you will manage your student information, financial aid, course registrations, adds and drops, and your course schedule. This one-stop shop will mange your life as a student. You are assigned a login ID when you are admitted, as well as a default password which you will change the first time you log in. This user name an password will be used for Canvas and your student email also.

There is an online guide for student use of LoLA.

How do I find my advisor?

Students are assigned advisors in their program of study.   The Advisor page will help you locate your advisor. Most advisors are happy to provide remote advising through their email. During the summer, general remote advising may be available. Please see the Advisor page for links for information.

How do I register for my classes?

Registration is handled online through LoLA. Detailed registration instructions will help you get started.

How do I know when to register for the next semester?

College administrative staff and/or academic advisors will inform you (via email or through Canvas) about enrollment procedures including dates or times that are important. Typically, the first days of the registration period is set aside for Veterans registration. Registration dates are posted on the academic calendar.

Where can I find course schedules?

The schedule of classes is  available on the Delta website under Schedule of Classes. It is also available on LoLA. There are tabs for each campus and for online courses.

Where can I find program descriptions?

Online Degree and Certificate Programs can be found on the Knights Online main page. Click on the program name to be taken to more information on that program or click on the School’s name to go to that school’s page.

What are Louisiana Transfer Associate Degrees (AALT/ASLT)?

The mission of the transfer associate degree is to provide students with an opportunity to complete the first 60 hours of work toward a baccalaureate degree at a two-year or community college. Students who successfully complete a designated transfer associate program are eligible to enter a four-year public university as a junior, with all 60 credits transferring to the receiving university.

Where can I find course descriptions?

There is a page for Course Descriptions on the Delta website. Scroll down to find the course you are interested in, click on the Course Syllabus link to see further information on the individual course.

Applying to Louisiana Delta Community College

How do I apply?

Students can Apply for Admission online.

Will my credits transfer from another institution to LDCC?

Students who have completed coursework previously at another accredited postsecondary institution [AAG1] can have their courses transferred and articulated by requesting that an official transcript be sent to LDCC.

What materials do I need to provide for admission?

Students will need to know their social security number as well as other personal information when completing their application for admission.

Do I have to come to campus to take a placement exam?

Students that don’t submit ACT scores, SAT scores, or transcripts from a previous institution of higher education should consider taking a placement exam. Students that haven’t submitted one of the aforementioned records could be placed in a remedial English and/or Math course, depending on their major.

How do I know if I qualify for financial aid?

Students should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at to see what types of aid they are eligible to receive. Students can find more information about financial aid at LDCC at our Financial Aid page.

How much does taking online classes cost?

Students can find online class costs at the Student Billing page.

What happens if I drop a course?

Students should check with their academic advisor or financial aid advisor before dropping a course if they are not sure of the consequences of dropping a course. Students should be mindful of reimbursement dates, official withdrawal dates, financial aid ramifications, degree completion, and other things when considering dropping a course.

Once selected, can I change my major?

Yes, you can change your major by following these directions.

How do I find my student ID number?

Students should have received their student ID number in an email after they applied for admission to LDCC. If they have mislocated their ID number, they can find it by logging into their LoLA account.

How do I get my school issued picture ID?

Online students that desire a picture ID from LDCC can visit the Library located on the Monroe LDCC campus or the front desk of any  to have their picture taken for an official LDCC ID.

Upon completing my program, will I be able to attend graduation?

LDCC holds one graduation ceremony per year, normally in May. Students that have completed their program in the previous summer, fall, or spring semester will be eligible to participate in graduation.

Do you assist with career placement upon graduation?

Students have access to many career planning and job search tips through the Career Services office.


How do I get to my LDCC student email?

The student email system can be reached from a link on the main webpage under Log Me Into. Your student email will be your, and you will log in using your student email address and LoLA password.

From this system you will also have access to Microsoft 365 programs that you can download and use on your local computer (Windows and Mac) while you are a student.

What kind of computer do I need?

You will need to have a working computer and a reliable Internet connection in order to succeed as an online student. Please see the Technology Guidelines page for more detailed information.

How can I get technical support?

For technical issues, contact the Delta IT Department by calling (318) 345-9025 or send an email to

For issues with Canvas, contact the Canvas support hotline at (844) 408-6456.

For issues with other systems used in a course, check Canvas for that class or speak to the instructor.

What is Honorlock?

Honorlock is an online proctoring system used to maintain academic integrity in courses, and is integrated into Canvas. You need to be on a computer meeting the minimum technology requirements (Windows, Mac or ChromeOS computer. Phones and most Tablets do not work with Honorlock), be using Google Chrome, be able to download and install the Honorlock Chrome browser extension and have a working webcam on your computer. Your instructor will give you further information on the use.

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