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Adjustment of Tuition 

For students reducing their credit hours or officially withdrawing from the College, all or a portion of their refundable tuition may be credited to their account according to the Tuition/Fee Adjustment Schedule. The portion (percentage) is an adjustment to the tuition and fees the student is assessed for the semester, not a refund of what the student has already paid. Students must complete the drop/withdrawal process prior to the posted deadlines to qualify for a reduction in amounts owed.

Nonattendance does not constitute withdrawal. Students must withdraw from the College prior to the stated deadlines if they decide not to attend. Students who do not submit a drop request or drop the course(s) online may have a financial obligation to the College regardless of attendance.

Tuition Adjustment Schedules

Fall and Spring Semesters Amount of Refund
Prior to the 1st day of semester 100% of all fees paid
1st - 4th college instructional day of the semester

100% of all fees paid

5th - 9th college instructional day of the semester 50% of tuition
10th - 14th college instructional day of the semester 25% of tuition
After 14th college instruction day of the semester No Refund
Summer Semester Amount of refund
Prior to the 1st day of semester 100% off all fees paid
1st - 2nd college instructional day of the semester 100% of all fees paid
3rd - 7th college instructional day of the semester

50% of all fees paid

After 7th college instruction day of the semester No Refund
Part of Term Amount of refund
Prior to the 1st day of part of term 100% of all fees paid
1st college instrucitonal day of the part of term 100% of all fees paid
After 1st college instruciton day of the part of term No Refund

If a credit balance remains after all tuition and fees due are deducted from any payments that have been applied, the balance will be returned to the student automatically.

No refund shall be made for a non-credit course unless the class is cancelled. 

When LDCC cancels a course, 100% of tuition and course related fees are refunded with the rexeption of the credit card convenience fee and payment plan enrollment fee. 

Tuition/Fee Appeals

Students who wish to appeal their tuition/fee adjustments (or lack thereof) must complete and submit a  Tuition Appeal Form. 

Click Here for Tuition Appeal Form

Guidelines for an Appeal:

  • Criteria for an appeal include personal emergencies, verifiable error of LDCC, military duty or inadmissible background check.
  • Appeals must be submitted within 45 days from the initial notification of debt.
  • A typed statement detailing the situation/circumstance must be attached.
  • Other attachments may include medical/hospital documentation (if applicable), death certificate/obituary (if applicable), and any additional, pertinent information that may be beneficial to the committee.
  • Appeals must be made by the student.  Appeals made “on behalf of” a student will not be reviewed.
  • The decision of the Tuition Appeals Committee is final.

If you received Financial Aid for the term identified in this appeal, be aware that submission of a tuition/fee adjustment appeal could impact your Financial Aid and result in money owed. It is recommended that you discuss these implications with the Financial Aid office before submitting an appeal. If you are a recipient of Veteran’s Benefits, it is important to discuss your appeal with the Veteran’s Educational Benefits certifying officials in the Office of the Registrar before proceeding with the request.

Be advised that filing a tuition appeal does not exempt your account from the assessment of collection and/or financial penalties. Please pay tuition and fees when due.

The College is a state agency, and therefore, all tuition/fee adjustments must be substantiated and are subject to review by the State of Louisiana Office of the Legislative Auditor. The following are reasons for denial of a refund:

  • Personal misjudgments or irresponsibility involving transportation, availability of finances, time management, or academic ability
  • Misinterpretation or lack of knowledge of College policies/procedures
  • Dissatisfaction of instructor, course content, delivery of instruction, academic progress
  • Missing a deadline
  • Change of major
  • Voluntary change in employment

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