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Updated January 11, 2022

On December 27, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidelines for the general public who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive. This guidance was issued after data suggests that primary transmission occurs in the first 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms and continues for another 2-3 days after. The press release can be found at

Employee & Student Guidelines are as follows:

If you test positive regardless of vaccination status: (Isolate)

  • Stay home for 5 days, or until your fever resolves and symptoms are decreasing or if you are asymptomatic.
  • Continue to wear a mask around others for an additional 5 days

If you are exposed to someone with COVID-19: (Quarantine)

  • If you have been fully vaccinated and boosted, have received both doses of either Moderna or Pfizer vaccine within the last 6 months or the J&J vaccine within the last 2 months, wear a mask around others for 10 days, and get tested on day 5 if possible
  • If symptoms develop, get tested and stay home.
  • If your second dose of either Moderna or Pfizer was over 6 months ago and you have not had a booster, or if your J&J vaccination was completed over 2 months ago and you have not had a booster, or if you are unvaccinated, stay home for 5 days and then wear a mask around others for an additional 5 days. Test on day 5. If quarantine is not possible, then you must wear a mask for 10 days. If symptoms develop, get tested and stay home.

LDCC has the following protocols in place to address COVID:

  1. Masks are required in all buildings and are available for free at entrances.
  2. Hand sanitizing stations are located in all buildings.
  3. In-person classes are sized to accommodate 6-ft distancing where possible, even though 3-ft is recommended.
  4. Air is purified through the HVAC systems with UVC units. All circulated air is treated to eliminate bacteria and viruses.
  5. Student services and other potential areas where lines may form are marked and divided by stanchions to encourage distancing.
  6. Directional signage is located on the hall floors to direct foot traffic
  7. Clear barriers are placed on desks, especially public spaces, to encourage distancing and provide some protection.
  8. Drinking water can be accessed by touchless means only. Old-style fountains/bottle fillers are blocked and are being replaced by touchless bottle fillers. New water fixtures should be installed in the coming weeks.
  9. Classes are offered in a hybrid format to accommodate remote learning in many cases
  10. Areas exposed to a known case are cleaned with traditional disinfectants and then electrostatically cleaned.
  11. Follow CDC quarantine guidelines (5 days from symptom onset and five additional days of masking). We will modify if new guidelines are issued.  

Vaccination Statement 08/25/2021

Louisiana Delta Community college has consistently encouraged our students, especially those in the health-related fields, to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. We have used the strongest encouragement allowed by Louisiana Law and will continue to do so. There are several fundamental concepts that frame this discussion that is critical to understand.  First, the statute that establishes higher education institutions relative to vaccines expressly prohibits a mandate.  The statute simply requires institutions to document a student’s choice – either to be vaccinated or dissent.  Second, all authority for decisions as to whether a vaccine is added to the list of vaccines for which a choice must be made as well as whether unvaccinated students should be excluded from campus when a vaccine-preventable disease is present at an institution is given to the Office of Public Health at the Louisiana Department of Hospitals.  In fact, the law says that the Office of Public Health is given exclusive jurisdiction, control, and authority. The law does not allow for a “mandate” but instead allows the Office of Public Health to broaden the scope of the vaccines over which students are provided the right to choose.  Further, the law provides broad power exclusively to the Office of Public Health, not higher education entities.

We recognize that the virus is a dangerous and potentially deadly disease. In some circumstances, as in nursing, part of a student’s program is spent in hospitals and other clinical settings. Sites (such as nursing homes or hospitals) may require the employees, and clinical students, to be vaccinated or wear prescribed PPE and have periodic covid tests.  Louisiana Delta follows the guidelines of our partner institutions without exception.  Louisiana Delta Community College is working diligently to fulfill our mission while protecting the health, safety, and constitutional rights of our students, faculty, and staff. 

July 26, 2021

You may have heard that Governor Edwards issued direction at his press conference Friday. We have received subsequent instruction from our system office, LCTCS, via the following emailed directive.

“In his press conference, Friday, July 23, Governor John Bel Edwards provided new guidance concerning the spread of COVID-19 in our state. As our numbers continue to rise, the Louisiana Department of Health has issued the following guidance:

  • All people, vaccinated and unvaccinated, should wear face masks while indoors if six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained;
  • All businesses should review their operations to accommodate employees in a way that reduces unnecessary contact to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace;
  • All people should take a COVID-19 test immediately after a known or suspected exposure;
  • If positive, they should isolate immediately;
  • If negative, they should retest again between five and seven days post-exposure;
  • If they develop symptoms of COVID-19 at any point they should test and immediately isolate pending the results.

In the press conference, Governor Edwards advised executive branch agencies will mandate mask indoors of state buildings when distancing is not possible, for employees and visitors. In light of this information, please be prepared to mask at work beginning Monday, July 26th, for instances where six feet distancing is not possible.”

Our practical application and protocol will be as follows with additional implications as we are directed:
1. Masks will be required in the halls and other common spaces.
    a. Once people are in their office or classroom and can maintain the required distance, the mask is not required.
    b. Mask will be available at the front desk for anyone who forgets theirs
2. We should remain vigilant about hand washing
3. Our remote work policy will remain in effect. ie...everyone should be working on campus unless they have expressed permission to work remotely. The decision will be based on duties and            written, verified medical extenuating circumstances.
4. Classes should be planned with 6ft distancing. If we need to add additional sections, we must document those so we can get the CARES funding to help pay for the additional sections. 
5. The Attached APRA of 2021 is in effect until 9.30.2021. We suspect something similar will be adopted after that, but we will await guidance from LCTCS.

I want to implore you once again to get vaccinated if you have not already.

Randall Esters Ed.D

COVID-19 Testing

Your health and safety is our primary concern. We’re taking every measure to ensure your best state of health while on LDCC campuses. We ask you to consider COVID-19 testing prior to returning to campus. This measure helps us all give our best effort to avoid a possible campus spread of the novel coronavirus and the delta variant. There are no-cost test options available at Walgreens, CVS, and all parish health units. Appointments have to be made online. Results take 2-3 days. At Walgreens, once you begin filling out the online application, you’ll be asked whether or not you have insurance. ANYONE meeting the age requirement can receive a free test, according to Walgreens. There are also other places to receive no-cost tests. Should you test positive for the virus, contact your instructors. Employees should contact their supervisor. Anyone testing positive should immediately quarantine.  

You can discontinue isolation and return to campus (without follow-up tests) when: You have no fever for 72 hours without using medication, AND your other symptoms have improved, AND at least ten days have passed since your symptoms first began.

We look forward to seeing you! Thank you for helping LDCC be a safe and healthy place for everyone!

Update January 6, 2021:

We all have a part in keeping one another safe on our campuses.

As we transition to return to our LDCC campuses, we have to remain diligent in practicing the behaviors that keeps everyone safe. It’s easy to feel a little relaxed with different parts of our community reopening; but please be reminded, this will only be successful IF we continue to arm ourselves against COVID-19. Below are documents that should be reviewed prior to your return. Your cooperation is imperative and appreciated.

LDCC will strictly adhere to the recommendations of the CDC.

Fighting COVID-19:

Signage you will see around campus:

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