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Transfer Students

A student who has been enrolled previously at another postsecondary institution. Students who were enrolled at Delta at some point in their academic history, transferred to another institution, and then returned to Delta will be classified as a Returning student.

You are required to provide:

  • Proof of Immunization
  • Selective Service (Males: 18-25)
  • Previous college transcripts are not required; however, if you are interested in receiving transfer credit, you must submit your official college transcript(s)* **.

Note: Any official transcripts received by the institution will be articulated and added to the student's permanent academic history.

*An OFFICIAL Transcript (High School or College) is either an electronic transcript sent through a secure and trusted source (not faxed) or an original transcript delivered in a sealed, unopened envelope to enrollment services.

**Effective Spring 2018--Students attending prior to Spring 2018 were required to provide ALL official transcripts to be fully admitted.

Transfer Student Placement

Transfer students may be required to provide Official ACT scores or take the Accuplacer Placement Survey to determine if developmental course work will be required as a prerequisite to English 101, Math 110 (College Algebra) or 200 level courses.

For transfer students to be eligible for ENGL 101 they must have:

  • Scored an 18+ in English on the ACT or,
  • Scored at least a 86 on the Accuplacer Sentence Skills Assessment or,
  • Successfully completed ENGL 099 (or its equivalent) or,
  • Students who have attempted ENGL 101 at an accredited institution may be required to provide ACT or COMPASS scores to support placement in this class.

For transfer students to be eligible for College Algebra they must have:

  • Scored an 19+ in Math on the ACT or,
  • Scored at least a 45 on the Algebra section of the Accuplacer or,
  • Successfully completed MATH 099 (or its equivalent).
  • Students who have attempted college level math at an accredited institution may be required to provide ACT or COMPASS scores to support this placement

For transfer students to be eligible to enroll in 200 level courses they must have approval from their academic advisor. Suggested guidelines are as follows:

  • Scored an 12+ in Reading on the ACT or,
  • Scored at least a 85 on the Accuplacer Reading Assessment or,
  • Successfully completion or READ 099 (or its equivalent) or,
  • Successfully completed minimum of 12 hours of college level course work including at least two 200 level courses

No student will be allowed to take more than 25 total semester hours or 200-level course work until all developmental course requirements have been completed.

Transfer students may be admitted in good standing or on probation based on the number of hour’s attempted, quality points and cumulative grade point average.

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